My name is Wilkins. I am 22, spanish, male, virgo, INTP, student. I am majoring in math and minoring in either physics or comp sci I can't decide. I love math I am pretty sure it is the language of the universe around us. Other than that comic books, and being silly/weird are my things. I hope to one day do something amazing like find access to another dimension or something cool like that, but that probably won't be till I'm really old and until then feel free to message me about what ever and enjoy my blog.


what if magic was real but it was treated the way music is now with different genres and shit like “oh youre still into conjuring? thats cool I guess. recently ive been getting into third-wave post-necromancy, it’s some pretty heavy stuff”

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Generation Y.

  • Receptionist: Don't you feel like your generation is just lazy?
  • Me: Lazy? I'd say apathetic.
  • Receptionist: Isn't it the same?
  • Me: No. My generation is criticized and toiled with, and I don't see why not - just turn on the TV and watch what they're feeding us. But my generation is not lazy. My generation fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. My generation fought for womens rights in a fury that hadn't been seen since the 19th Amendment. My generation got our first black President elected. My generation fought for Gay rights for the first time in American history. And with all that, we are apathetic, and that's because things aren't going to be better for us down the road. We are the first generation expected to make less than our parents. We are the first generation to see America lose its status as a super power. We've lived through the worst economic times since the Great Depression, and are forced to take out thousands of dollars in student loans at the same time, all while our college degrees slowly turn into a highschool diploma. We've done plenty, and expect nothing. So no, I wouldn't say we're lazy, just apathetic.
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